About Camilla

Camilla Ascher

Camilla Ascher is a ceramic artist from Natick Massachusetts who currently resides in Baltimore Maryland. She graduated in 2012 with a BFA in Art Education from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Camilla has completed artist residencies in Taiwan at Tainan University of the Arts and in Truro Massachusetts at Truro Center for the Arts Castlehill. Camilla is currently the Resident Ceramic Chair at Chesapeake Art Center.

Artist Statement:
I strive to create elegant, bold, and well-designed functional wares that inspire users to feel a sense of enjoyment and comfort. As people use my pots, I hope they are drawn to the quality of my work, the weight of the pot in their hands, and the clean patterns.

Glazing is an important part of my process that brings me great pleasure. I am drawn to patterns and contrasting textures that inspire curiosity. By leaving a small area of bare clay exposed next to a smooth glazed surface, I am creating a tactile experience that generates a sense of intimacy. I then use the quiet areas around my pots to give their users a place to rest.

The relationship between form and surface pattern reminds me of wearing clothing. Textiles are important to my family and are often what inspire me. My great-aunt and uncle were successful textile designers who worked with famous artists, and I grew up idolizing their work. They showed me how the pattern of clothing can change how we perceive the form of an object. I see my pots as having bodies, and I highlight their soft curves with quiet but powerful patterns.