About Camilla

Camilla Ascher

Camilla Ascher is a ceramic artist from Natick Massachusetts who currently resides in Baltimore Maryland. She graduated in 2012 with a BFA in Art Education and in 2013 with a Certificate in Ceramics, both from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Camilla has completed artist residencies in Taiwan at Tainan University of the Arts and in Truro Massachusetts at Truro Center for the Arts Castlehill. Camilla is currently the Resident Ceramic Chair at Chesapeake Art Center.

Artist Statement:
My work consists of functional pottery, and my intention is to create aesthetically satisfying and well-designed utilitarian wares. The intimacy of functional pottery comes from its interactive nature. I love creating pieces that people can interact with and enjoy.⠀

Glazing gives me a great deal of pleasure and is critical to my surface patterns. I leave an area of exposed clay; the tactile contrast between surfaces of the textured bare clay and the smooth glazed surface brings an additional layer of sensory awareness of the pot to the user. My goal is to create an experience of contentment for the user while creating functional objects that radiate confidence.